VISS Liqueur

A premium Vodka liqueur with the taste of refreshing fruity flavor combined with shimmery colors to create a glorious spiral galaxy effect through party bash!
VISS 是糅合了伏特加与天然花香与果香的美味组合。美丽的星系旋转效果,呈现出缤纷闪烁的色彩,紧紧攫夺众人视线。

Total 7 Fantastic taste for you to choose from:

Vintage Claret

A Vodka liqueur added a hint of pomegranate flavor and a bright reddish infusion creates a touch of style to present a delectable spiral drink to drool over

Yellow Passion

A Vodka Liqueur added a spiral vibrant sunset color has a sweet, aromatic taste of luscious passion fruit, with its exotic fragrance and rich flavor, it is perfect for summer sipper.

Lime Sorbet

A Vodka liqueur with its vibrantly green color consisting of lemon and lime infusion creates a perfect combination of sweet and sour twit, this drink is surprisingly refreshing

Ballet Blue

A Vodka liqueur with tangy sweet taste of fresh blueberry aroma bursts into flavors, it gets the deep ocean blue sparkle from the fusion to make a crowd pleaser

Blush Blossom

A Vodka liqueur with tangy a soft scent and flavor of beautiful cherry blossoms, this refreshing drink embodies your sense of spring in a blossoming garden

Forest Berries

A Vodka liqueur bursting with full mature wild berries, and have a fuller fruit flavor and lovely purplish in color. It would be the perfect sip and sparkle your night

Malaysia Durio – Durian

A premium Vodka Liqueur with the taste of Malaysia signature flavor-Durian, combined with shimmery color to create a glorious spiral galaxy effect through party bash. Awarded with Silver 2017 in International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) and Bronze 2017 in Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition (Category: Liqueurs-Fruit-Rest of The World).