Size: 700ml
ABV: 40%

Martell Cordon Bleu Extra is an invitation to explore a new dimension of the classic that is Martell Cordon Bleu. Discover an even rounder and more luscious interpretation of the iconic blend. Martell Cordon Bleu Extra invites you to go beyond the ordinary into new cognac territory.

The Colour
A rich amber colour with mahogany highlights.

The Aroma
‘Tarte Tatin’, or apple pie, with notes of sweet spices like cinnamon. Then, fine notes of dried fruit and nuts, including apricot, raisin and almond.

The Taste
Elegance, balance, mellow roundness, a sustained finish distinguished by notes of candied orange peel. Rich and luscious.

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New Expression of Martell Cordon Bleu Extra

Known for its spirit of curiosity, The House of Martell has invented a new expression of cognac – Martell Cordon Bleu.

Created in 1912 by Eduard Martell, the great-grandson of the founder, this landmark cognac – unprecedented in name, blend and design – made its debut in Monaco and went on to travel the world as a prestigious ambassador of French elegance and art de vivre. Today, with the creation of Martell Cordon Bleu Extra, The House of Martell is paying tribute to its icon.

As embodied in its name, this reinterpretation of Martell Cordon Bleu is an extraordinary and irresistible invitation to explore a classic and discover intriguing new dimensions. Representing only 5 % of Cognac vineyards, the celebrated smoothness of Martell Cordon Bleu is attributed to the influence of rare, highly sought-after Eaux-de-vie from small Borderies cru.

A special generous portion of very old Borderies spirits has been added to the Martell Cordon Bleu Extra to create an even more sumptuous taste – smooth and sensual, intense and harmonious. Distilled using the renowned Martell method – a double distillation of exclusively clear wines to reveal with exceptional purity and finesse the specific aromas of each terroir – Martell Cordon Bleu Extra is characterized by the Borderies’ intense candied fruit aromas, the hallmark of a luscious cognac of remarkable roundness and elegance.

Martell Cordon Bleu Extra also pay homage to its legendary predecessor through its design as well as taste. The emblematic shape of the Martell Cordon Bleu bottle has been subtly and elegantly elongated, while the distinctive label, with its two “cuts”, is fully rendered in Martell blue, evoking both the intensity of Martell Cordon Bleu Extra and the heritage of the original, inspired by the blue ribbon of excellence. Further enhancing the label is the integration of modern silver detailing, an embossed grape motif symbolizing the terroir, and the signature of Edouard Martel, the creator of Martell Cordon Bleu. Adding a perfect fine touch, the bottle is closed with a wooden cap featuring a metal medallion engraved with the Martell seal. The presentation is arranged in an elegant satin silver box, printed with a map of the Cognac region and the history of Martell Cordon Bleu.

Enjoyed neat or on the rocks, Martell Cordon Bleu Extra is a unique and intense taste experience. For connoisseurs of Martell Cordon Bleu who wish to discover an extra dimension of a legendary cognac, as well as for lovers of the very finest things in life, it represents a rewarding discovery – truly, an exciting new expression of an icon.


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