Volume: 700ml
Alcohol : 40%
Grade : VSOP

The multi-award-winning Meukow VSOP Superior Cognac is well worthy of all it’s medals.
Adorned in some of the most prestigious competitions and tastings around the world, the incredible roundness of this cognac is thanks to the meticulous selection of eaux-de-vie within the blend.
In addition, each component has been aged for at least one year long than is necessary for a traditional VSOP quality cognac.

Rich, yet delicate: Mellow tannins partner with delicious aromas to make this a truly outstanding cognac for the price. Enjoy neat as the perfect digestif, or for a subtly different taste, drop in a block of ice or a splash of water.

Presented in the classic Meukow bottle with the pouncing panther motif.


前味: 葡萄、橙子、桃子各类果香,清香细腻入微

中味: 核桃的暖香、浓郁的榛子、以及香草的芬芳层次分明

后味: 醇厚的果甜味道,回味悠远

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Meukow VSOP Superior Awards
Silver Outstanding Medal at The International Wine & Spirit Competition in 2018.

Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2015

Gold Medal at the Cognac Masters, The Spirits Business in London in 2011

Silver Medal at the Winevents Hong Kong in 2011

Gold Medal and Cognac Trophy at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) in England in 2004

Gold Medal at the Estonian Wine Challenge in 2003

Gold Medal at the Vinalies Paris in France in 2002

The Meukow House was founded in the 19th century. In 1850, Auguste-Christophe and Gustav Meukow, two brothers from Silesia, were sent to France by Tsar Alexander II of Russia with orders to secure the supply of cognac for the Court. After several voyages, they decided to set up a commercial office in the town of Cognac and founded the A.C. MEUKOW & Co. House on 1 August 1862.

The perfect balance between power and suppleness that is characteristic of Meukow Cognacs is the result of the dedication of the Cellar Master. Anne Sarteaux, Cellar Master at Maison Meukow since 2007, continues the ancestral traditions and expertise that has been transmitted from generation to generation.

The expertise and expression of the Cellar Master are fully revealed at the time of blending. This delicate art requires both experience and intuition, and consists of blending different eaux-de-vie of different ages in order to obtain a harmonious and aromatic nectar.

To guarantee the inimitable Meukow style, Anne Sarteaux mainly uses Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne Cognacs, which are notable for the rich complexity of their floral notes, as well as Fins Bois, Bons Bois and Borderies, which provide fruity aromas and woody qualities that will bring a perfect balance to the blend.

Meukow Cognac干邑始创于1862年,为法国著名干邑品牌,在法国当地及俄罗斯享誉盛名。早期,Meukow产品主要供应欧洲各大宫廷,更是沙皇亚历山大二世最喜爱的御用干邑。


Meukow 对品质要求甚为严格。秉承传统精湛的酿制工艺,从采撷优质葡萄、蒸馏、贮存到调配各个细节都是经由酿酒大师们的精心孕育而成,使Meukow出产的干邑白兰地具有细致的天然果香与橡木桶原味,浓郁顺喉。


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