Volume: 750ML
Alcohol: 13.5%
GRAPE VARIETIES: 89% Semillon, 10% Sauvignon Blanc, 1% Muscadelle

Wine brilliant golden yellow color.

The wine has a sweet, smooth taste with refreshing acidity, silky tannins, hints of pear, grapefruit, apricots and a long aftertaste.

The aroma of wine is filled with notes of honey, pineapple, grapefruit and apricots.

The wine goes well with foie gras, light desserts, cakes and fruit.

Blend white sweet wine “Haut Placey” – the second wine farms Chateau Roumieu, consists of the dominant varieties Semillon with the addition of a small portion of Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle, grown in vineyards in the individual regions of Sauternes, Barsac and the other adjacent to the Sauternes. Sugar content – 123 g / l.

De Rham – as in the Middle Ages called the Moors, Christians, as well as the path of pilgrims to the legendary burial place of the apostle St. Jacques, located in the cathedral of Saint-Jacques de Compostela in Galicia in Spain. Apparently, part of the road passes through the O-Barsac, and the name “de Rham” preserved in the name of some buildings of the XVIII century. History of Chateau de Rham, located on clay-limestone plateau region O-Barsac, began in 1840. Chateau owners constantly changed since it was passed as an inheritance through the female line. After the death in 1983, the last owner of the Chateau – Pierre Goyyada, control passed to his daughter Catherine Goyyad, which is also the chief winemaker Chateau.

The peculiarity of the terroir vineyard Chateau de Rham is the morning mist on the river Garonne and Sironi, which combined with the warm autumn climate, starting in September, encouraging the development of “pourriture” – noble rot, microscopic fungus, which gives a unique taste the grapes of Sauternes. Wine Chateau de Rham elegantly, yet powerful style and captivating sweetness.

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