ABV: 40%

Matured in Olrosso sherry casks

Appearance: Oddly enough, the appearance of both the 12 year and 16 year is identical. Radiant golden straw.

Nose: Bing cherries, slight oxidation, ripe melon, buttery, a slightly odd rye toast note.

Palate: Marzipan, a touch of coconut, dried cherries and cherry pit spice, medium viscosity, some bakers chocolate, firm tannins, light ethanol burn, medium length finish with toasted almond dominating.

Final Thoughts: A more thoughtful, weighty dram than the 12 year. The additional sherry casking comes through, but isn’t overbearing and works wonderfully with the fruity spirit, adding a richness and level of depth not present in the 12 year.

While the bottlings seem to have a very different purpose in life, they are at once unique and complimentary. The 16 year is a wonderful addition to the Aberfeldy line up and surely worth seeking out.


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