Size: 700ml
ABV: 46.5%
100% grain whisky
Aged a minimum of 21 years

The nose offers vanilla and caramel, smooth and sweet, with malted barley and oak adding depth.

The palate is rich, with elegantly layered flavours of vanilla and toffee, and a long, satisfying finish. Best enjoyed over fresh ice, naturally.

The first blended grain Scotch whisky from the Polo Collection range
Sweet, rich expression with complex layers of vanilla and toffee, and
a long, smooth finish


Serving Ritual Concept
The blend is crafted at a special strength to be enjoyed best over
fresh ice to release the depth of flavours. A perfect serve best
served ice cold.

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History of Royal Salute
Royal Salute is an exceptionally crafted and aged Scotch whisky, starting where others end at 21 years old.

Created to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and the 21 gun salute that honoured her, the brand is steeped in tradition and proud of its royal lineage, but is firmly engaged in the modern world by constantly pushing the art of blending into new, creative and ambitious forms. Royal Salute is deeply involved in polo – the world’s oldest surviving team sport and a game that’s expanding in the modern era.



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