2023 Timah Whiskey – Limited Giftpack VAP


1 x Timah Double Peated Blended Whiskey 750ml
1 x Timah Tin-Mining Special Edition Glass 
1 x pair of Timah Original Cotton Socks 

Volume: 750ml
Alcohol: 40%
Origin: Malaysia

Malaysia’s first DOUBLE PEATED BLENDED WHISKY with international Accolades.

TIMAH Tin-Mining Special Edition Glass

A special edition whiskey glass inspired by inverted open cast mining in Malaysia. Made for serving your whiskey in this elegant glass for you and your party guests while being impressed. The base sparkle beautifully in the light and are guaranteed to make any drink look great. Ideal for sharing a toast on special occasions with family or clients, or simply absorb in your own world with these special whisky glass.

The glass also features a women using most primitive method of mining known as Dulang Washing. “Dulang” is a native word from Indonesia which refers to a large, shallow, wooden pan that used for tin or gold mining. This method might have existed in South East Asia for more than a thousand years under the influences of India civilization.

Timah 限量版-矿床威士忌杯

Timah独家设计: 底部镂空一个倒置的采矿场,成就这款独特的威士忌酒杯, 灵感来自马来西亚的露天开采锡矿的矿床。


除了Timah 商标,玻璃杯上还篆刻一位采矿工,那身姿和动作正是早期开采锡矿的方法: “洗琉琅”(Dulang). “琉琅”源自印度尼西亚的土语,泛指用来开采锡矿或金矿时所使用的木锅。这种开采矿脉的方式在古印度文明的影响下,在东南亚存在了一千多年。


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– Silver winner in San Francisco World Spirit Award in the year 2020
– Silver medal in ISC International Spirits Challenge 2020
– Silver Medal in the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2021
– Best Malaysian Whisky- 1st Place ,Gold Awards in International Whisky Competition® 2021
– Gold medal- Best World Whiskey in a Highball – Beverage testing institute 2022
– Gold medal- Beverage testing institute 2022
– Gold medal- 94 points scored in USA Spirits Rating 2022

NOSE: subtle verdant flavours with light fruity notes, a seductive mixture of smoky peat.

PALATE: the peat is dominant yet mellowed with sweet malt and warm peppery palate.

FINISH: Soft peat in the mouth with mineral salty touch, along with a hint of vanilla and coffee, bring the warm and lingering light oak finish.


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