2023 Meukow XO Gold Gift Pack


Volume: 700ml
Alcohol : 40%
Grade: XO

Luxurious old French cognac Meukow XO wrapped in a Ice Cool Design wrapping and gift box , which harmonizes with its exceptional character.

Meukow cognac is one of the most famous cognac brands in the world.

At first, it will get your attention with the bomb logo, but after opening, you will immediately discover its qualities, which include strength, elegance, sensuality and exoticism.

Meukow XO is produced by the traditional method of double distillation and mixing into a balanced mixture of cognacs. He is dressed in bright amber-mahogany clothes. Gro forms a bunch of floral and spicy scents supported by subtle tones of candied fruit. In the end, the spicy and smoky aroma dominates.

Aroma and taste: oak wood, leather, tones of flowers, orange, candied fruit, nuts, cocoa smoke and spices

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