Volume: 650ml
Alcohol: 15%
Made with Soju and 100% Japanese ume fruit

Top 1 brand of Japanese Umeshu. No added flavours, colouring agents, preservatives

This outstanding red bottle is Japanese Shiso Herb infused in CHOYA UMESHU Original. This Choya Umeshu liqueur, fashioned with the Ume plum (some of which are included in the jar) has been flavoured with the herb Shiso, also known as Perilla.

In Japanese medicine, Shiso is believed to strengthen the immune system and reduce allergic reactions. Shiso 紫蘇 is the now common name for the Asian culinary herb, seed (spice), or entire annual plant of Perilla frutescens variety crispa, belonging to the mint family. The conventional translation “beefsteak plant” is outdated and has fallen into disuse in current media, though it has not passed into complete obsolescence. The genus name Perilla is sometimes used as a common name but it is ambiguous, since that term is also inclusive of the wild sesame variety, which is devoid of the distinctive shiso fragrance. Apart from the colour, the fragrance & taste are very similar to the original. You might see a bit of shiso herb flavour & a bit of bitterness.

Great to be used for Sake cocktail.

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