Leopard’s Leap

Leopard's Leap – Wines for any occasion

Leopard’s Leap was conceptualised at the turn of the century by winemaker and businessman Hein Koegelenberg.

With an initial international focus, the brand’s exceptional performance in the global market today sees it represented in more than 40 countries with dedicated marketing teams and distribution across Asia, the UK, Europe, North America and Africa.

While consumers worldwide enjoy Leopard’s Leap wines as an outstanding example of South African quality, it is at its Franschhoek home where guests are introduced to the accessible and versatile wine portfolio and the ways in which Leopard’s Leap wines can be enjoyed as part of an everyday quality lifestyle.

Founding year: 1999

Flagship wine:
Leopard’s Leap Culinaria Collection

Food and Wine Pairing, Cooking Demonstrations, South African Table Lunch, Family Table Lunch

猎豹酒庄(Leopard's Leap Winery)


拥有66亿美元身家的鲁伯特家族位居世界前500名富豪之列,他 们家族对南非经济有着举足轻重的影响力。鲁伯特家族也是世界奢侈品品牌集团瑞士历峰集团的大股东(历峰集团旗下著名品牌:Cartier, Dunhill, Montblanc, Baume & Mercier, Lancel, Jaeger-LeCoultre等)。

鲁伯特家族丰富的 酒庄经营及品牌打造的成功经验,猎豹酒庄通过引用先进科技管理和酿制工艺,很快就得到国际市场认可,并获得很高的知名度。

从它的名字就能感觉到,猎豹酒庄 是一个充满活力,有个性的年轻酒庄。它座落于西开普省(Western Cape),出产的葡萄酒富有浓郁的花果香味,入口甜美,感觉热烈澎湃,是南非新派 葡萄酒的代表作。

猎豹酒庄的葡萄酒由南非开普省最优秀的葡萄园所产的葡萄酿制而成。猎豹酒庄共生产三个系列的葡萄酒,分别是高端昂贵的家族珍藏 (Family Collection)系列、优雅迷人的经典(Classic)系列和活泼动人的瞭望(Lookout)系列。

这三个系列葡萄酒都出现在 本地和国际市场上。另外,猎豹酒庄也在拓宽自己的酒品,生产有机葡萄酒,并通过调配不同的葡萄酒来创造性地制作出风格独特的葡萄鸡尾酒。