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La Motte Winery

Experience the finer things in life

Situated in the beautiful Franschhoek Valley in South Africa’s Cape Winelands, La Motte is home to the finest wines, recognized internationally for exceptional quality. With its picturesque setting, traditional cuisine, and historic charm, La Motte is an enchanting choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

La Motte Estate was acquired by Dr. Anton Rupert in 1970, his dedication to winemaking has been passed on to his daughter, the present-day owner of La Motte, Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg.

The Rupert Family is internationally renowned for luxury goods. The family owns one of the world’s top luxury companies, the Richemont Group. The Rupert Family is also a shareholder of BAT through Richemont and other entities.

The Rupert family owns four of South Africa’s best-known wineries:
-La Motte Winery
-Leopard’s Leap Winery
-Anthony Rupert Winery
-Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons

Grapes for the production of La Motte wines are drawn from La Motte estate as well as other farms in the Cape Winelands. Thanks to the variety in terroirs, grapes from each region make a unique contribution to the flavor components of La Motte wines. La Motte’s Nabot farm in the Walker Bay coastal region has been developed as a biologic farming operation.

The unique charm of La Motte’s wines comes from the character bestowed upon them by particular soil types and a moderate climate, creating growing conditions that favor the finest grapes.

La Motte’s well-equipped cellar enables wine-makers to blend tradition with modern science in shaping wines globally renowned for their consistency and excellence.

Having achieved certification and accreditation from ISO 14001 and HACCP, La Motte not only complies with the principles of environmental care in wine-making but also confidently complies with international food safety and quality assurance standards.

Award-winning cellar master
Edmund Terblanche believes that the first priority in wine-making is to make the most of what the grape offers naturally. Individual care is taken with the hand-selection of berries and well-considered barrel maturation.

La Motte 酒庄

Rupert家族是南非知名的家族企业,位居世界前500名富豪之列,被称为“奢侈之王”,拥有世界上顶级奢侈品集团——历峰集团(历峰集团旗下著名品牌:Cartier, Dunhill, Montblanc, Baume & Mercier, Lancel, Jaeger-LeCoultre等)。Rupert家族同时也是英美烟草集团的股东之一

Rupert 家族在南非拥有四个著名葡萄酒庄:
-La Motte Winery
-Leopard’s Leap Winery
-Anthony Rupert Winery
-Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons

La Motte 酒庄的历史源远流长,是南非历史最悠久的酒庄之一

La Motte 葡萄酒独具的魅力来自于庄园特别的土壤类型以及温和的气候。酒庄占地75公顷,由La Motte首席酿酒师彼得·罗(Pietie le Roux)负责监督。庄园采用最先进的管理方法,包括应用卫星监控和红外线扫描葡萄藤等科技。另外,La Motte庄园以及其在沃克湾(Walker Bay)地区拥有的73公顷的纳博庄园 (Nabot)都采用SGS认证的有机肥料。这样不但能淘汰化学肥料以及杀虫剂,而且能提升葡萄的健康以及更好地进行可持续耕种。

La Motte在南非不同产区管理多个酒庄,同时也在其他附属家族持有酒庄获取葡萄,这大大丰富了提供给La Motte酒窖的葡萄品种。获奖无数的酿酒师埃德蒙·特布兰赫(Edmund Terblanche)在这里将现代的科技与传统的酿造方法糅合,打造卓越品质始终如一的葡萄酒,享誉全球。酒窖严格遵循环境保护的条例,并因此获得食品安全控制体系(HACCP)以及ISO 14001认证.

La Motte的酒以优雅、高贵和经典而著称,被称为“和谐的贵族艺术品”。这里得天独厚的优质土壤和稳定的微型气候都赋予了La Motte优厚的先天潜质。对卓越的追求是La Motte的精髓所在:对大自然恩赐之物的保护,葡萄与土壤的巧妙搭配,创造出质量稳定,具有古典风味的葡萄酒。这一切都在壮观的弗兰谷中和谐共存。