Choya Umeshu 日本梅酒

Choya- The Top Producer of Umeshu

  • Only producing good quality Umeshu using 100% Japanese Ume from Japan
  • All Natural, NO artificial additives
  • NO acidulants, NO flavorings, NO colorings.

What is Umeshu?
Umeshu is a Japanese Ume liqueur. The Ume and the sugar are immersed in the spirits, and the unique ingredients of the Ume are extracted by natural and slow aging.

The aging process makes the Ume taste soft and gives the Ume aroma and mellow taste.

As a traditional liqueur, Umeshu’ is very popular among Japanese people.

Choya- 日本第一梅酒品牌

  • 坚持100%使用日本原产梅子,生产高素质梅酒
  • CHOYA梅酒不使用添加剂。
  • CHOYA梅酒不使用酸味料、香料、色素



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