Chabot Armagnac
Chabot 嘉宝雅文邑

  • World’s No.1 Armagnac Brand
  • Chabot brand born in 1828, one of oldest brandy
  • Commitment to excellence and to honouring the brand’s rich heritage
  • 全球雅文邑第一品牌
  • 创立于1828年, 其中一款歷史悠久的白蘭地
  • 致力追求卓越品质并发扬品牌的丰富传承

What is Armagnac?

  • Armagnac is the oldest French eau-de-vie (brandy).
  • First distilled over 700 years ago by rural artisans, 200 Years earlier than Cognac.
  • Before 15th century, only the Gascons and French nobility knew of and savoured this rare brandy.
  • 雅文邑是法国最古老的白兰地
  • 第一滴雅文邑是在700年前制成 , 比干邑早200年历史
  • 15世纪前, 雅文邑都只在贵族和卡斯康地区流传
  • 在15世纪至17世纪, 荷兰商人通过商业活动,雅文邑开始

About Chabot

Chabot established its name in the wines and spirits trade in 1828. Based in the rolling hills of Gascony in the village of Labastide d’Armagnac, the family produced the wine necessary to the distillation of Armagnac. For over a century, the finely crafted Armagnac remained a well-kept secret, shared among close friends, Gascon locals and the French nobility. That was until 1963, and Chabot’s first foray into bringing Armagnac from France to the rest of the world.

The big international development of Chabot took place under the leadership of John Gentzbourger. The brandy became prized for its superlative quality and distinctive taste. Today, Chabot Armagnac has circumnavigated the globe and can be found in 96 countries. It is now the best selling Armagnac brand in the world.
And yet tradition remains a strict priority.

Every drop of Chabot Armagnac today is still imbued with the brand’s intrinsic heritage and rich quality.

Chabot 嘉宝的酿酒历史可以远溯到1828年。戛堡座落于Labastide d’Armagnac村庄,地处卡斯康绵延的山脉,其所生产的葡萄酒用于蒸馏雅文邑白兰地。开始酿制以后的一百多年里,戛堡雅邑精酿一直仅在家族近亲丶卡斯康当地和法国贵族之间流传。直到1963年,戛堡开始致力将雅文邑文化推广至全球各地,才渐为世人所知。

在John Gentzbourger的带领下,Chabot 嘉宝在全球市场获得巨大发展。凭藉卓越的品质和独特的风味,Chabot 嘉宝雅邑受到世界各地品尝家的激赏。如今,Chabot 嘉宝雅邑已誉满全球,行销全球96个国家,成为全球最畅销的雅文邑品牌。

直至今日,Chabot 嘉宝仍将严格的传统酿造工艺放在首位。
每一滴Chabot 嘉宝雅邑佳酿均是揉合精湛传统工艺和优越品质的结晶。