• Chabot

    Special Reserve Armagnac brandy edition aged for at least 6 years in special selected oak barrel.
  • chabot XO

    Armagnac brandy aged for minimum of 25 years in oak barrel under perfect French climate. Production is overseen by INAO and the Bureau National Interprofessionel de l'Armagnac (BNIA).
  • Chabot extra

    up to 50 Year Old

    Armagnac brandy in a balanced Ying-Yang bottle shape with amber colour reflecting bright copper rays. Long lasting smooth and round taste with vanillas and oak aroma.
  • Speyside Scotch

    12 years

    The Speyside Scotch Whisky provides a smooth and relaxing experience that will entice you relive the moment again and again.
  • Leopard's leap

    Pinotage Shiraz

    Great medium-bodied and fruity South African wine with 52% Pinotage and 48% Shiraz. A 13.5% alcohol content with 55g/L acidity and  3.9pH.
  • Angove

    Organic Chardonnay

    Specially selected Organic certified vineyards in the Riverland
    and McLaren Vale of South Australia lend their fruit to this wine.
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